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Translate document file (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF) on our ChatGPT-powered service. Just upload and our AI will auto translate. Then download the translated file. Fast and accurate due to latest AI.

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Supported File Formats

We support translating most formats of Microsoft Excel™ (XLAM, XLSM, XLSX, XLTM, XLTX) spreadsheets and CSV to help businesses with Excel translation needs.
Our service offers Microsoft Word™ (DOCX only right now) documents documents to provide professional Word document translation solutions.
Our service supports translation of PDF files. We provide the professional and accurate document translations to meet the needs across various industries.
We deliver professional PowerPoint presentation translations, supporting the PPTX file format to translate your slides and notes.



You have full control over your documents. You can delete your uploaded files at any time for complete data removal.

High Quality Translations

Our advanced AI translation engine delivers professional, human-level translations tailored to your business needs, training on industry-specific data for highly accurate output.

Simple and Convenient Process

Just upload your files, translate with one click, and download the translated documents. No signup or subscription needed - pay only for what you use.

Flexible Billing

Without monthly fees or commitments, you are billed only for each translation. Choose pay-per-use billing for maximum flexibility.

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